Prices for interpreting

Prices for interpreting (Tver and Tver region)



Language Daytime rate *(2-7 hours) Daytime rate (all day) Extra rate (after 7 PM or + 8h)
English, German, French  600 4200 800
Other languages  
AzerbaijaniArmenian, ByelorussianEstonian, GeorgianKazakh, KirghizLettishLithuanian, Moldavian,UzbekUkrainian  550 4550 850
BulgarianFinnish, ItalianNetherlandian, PolishPortuguese, SpanishTurkish   600 4700 850
ArabicChinese, DariHebrewHindi, Urdu, 650 5000 950


Standard daytime working hours: 8 AM to 7 PM

Minimal order:

— 2 hours within Tver city

— 4 hours within Tver region


The Client is billed for all transport, meals and accommodation costs.


Each order for interpreting is discussed with the Client individually.


Extra daytime hours (in excess of 8 hours) are billed at extra rate


The full time of an interpreter’s presence at the event (including breaks or non-translation intervals) is considered as working time and fully billable.


Transfer within Tver is included in the fee. Any extra expenses for transfer outside Tver, as well as interpreter’s meals and accommodation, are charged to the Client.


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