Our approach

Our approach to translation consists of the following phases:


  • All our translators have a degree in languages or qualifications in a specialised field (engineering, IT, medicine, law, finance) plus language fluency. We test each translator before hiring.
  • Industry-specific texts with specialised terminology require a translator experienced in that particular subject, or a specialist in the field with foreign language skills. The choice depends on the translation topic and complexity. For example, a standard drug label can be handled by an experienced translator with a languages degree, who specialises in medical translations; but a case history or medical report should be translated by a specialist with a medical background and foreign language fluency.
  • Editing by a native speaker is strongly recommended for translation of PR materials, texts for publication and websites. The service is available for a wide range of languages. Native speakers are experienced and educated proofreaders, often expatriates in Russia, with a strong interest in the Russian language.
  • Each translator can translate five to seven pages a day. For urgent orders, your text is translated by an experienced project team with an editor and coordinator as project managers who will compile a controlled vocabulary for the document and keep it consistent in terms of style and terminology.
  • For regular clients we offer you this exclusive and completely free bonus: your own dedicatedtranslator. If documentation in foreign languages is a regular part of your workflow, this will help you keep all your translated documentation consistent and easy to use.
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