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 Globus Translations is an association of professional translators with years of experience in Russia and abroad.

After working in a broad range of fields — construction, finance, travel, IT and more — we have now united our experience for the benefit of one agency.


   We are familiar with international corporate standards and quality requirements


Our office is located in the city of Tver (learn more), and we work with local companies as well as with companies all over Russia and clients from abroad..

Our location enables us to offer you prices that do not include Moscow’s high rent, while the experience of our translators and editors ensures excellent quality at moderate rates.


You don’t pay for expensive Moscow office space


Our translators and editors include specialists with backgrounds in engineering, IT, medicine, law and finance — fluent in foreign languages and capable of providing highly accurate translations that meet the needs of specialists.


We don’t just translate — we understand the meaning


Translation for the media, publishing companies and websites is a fast-growing area of our business. Our translations in this area can be edited by native speakers.

This service, which is very expensive at Moscow-based agencies and rarely offered by regional agencies, is available to our clients in many languages and at moderate rates. (learn more about editing by native speaker)

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